Is force really necessary in order to raise a child?

Nowadays, throughout our lives we are raised to exercise a, mostly, one way view of life.  This, while it might be conceived as beneficial to some, it is not as good as it might appear to our by-standing eyes.  If it’s only

Breaking The Pedophile Stereotype

“Hello, M’Little Lady.  Would you like some candy?”  >what people actually believe all pedos are somehow… Pedophobes actually believe we are all these kind of individuals who would take advantages over the “naiveness” or should I say over the fact people deliberately

The Myth of Consent

When it comes to consent everyone becomes a champion for it to be acknowledged and promoted throughout modern societies.  Everyone becomes an advocate and agrees that each individual should confirm and feel comfortable with whatever situation they are exposed to.  Modern democratic

Shane Dawson and His Normie Battalion

Recently, there has been an uproar about the presence of the MAP community on YouTube, in particular to those that are probably a little more than watching meme compilations and video games trailers.  As you all know, YouTube is basically available for

The Alt-Free Speech Social Media Website

Thanks to the privacy and security invading procedures adopted by most of the popular social media websites, individuals seek for alternative and less intruding options in order to preserve a sense of personal privacy.  You have social media giants, like Facebook, constantly

Moral Responsibility Over Breaking Unjust Laws

Now this is a sensitive subject; nonetheless, a very common one except for when it’s about pedophilia, which is why I feel that is necessary for me to redact this piece.  I am not inciting any encouragement for the breaking of laws,