The Growing Of Platforms


As the Internet becomes more popular, and even crucial to what it is to live in a modern era, so is the market that comes along with it and the many uses you can give nowadays when it comes to administering the World Wide Web.  When the Internet first came along, nobody would have suspected how important these connections would actually be as it is nowadays.  It had made communication a whole lot easier, as well as it helps with keeping everything interconnected when it comes to social interactions, including keeping the balance of billions of businesses and personal lives.

The Internet, over the years, have become perhaps the main source of communication across broadly all generations for even every little task that has to do with social interacting at some point.  Given how fairly recent the Internet as we know it was developed, it’s amazing to see how it has been implemented throughout our lives as something that is essential to us now.  All this has helped spread different ideas from different places all in one place, which results in new ideas emerging and better understanding of those who have other ways to approach life, as an individual and as constituents of other communities all over the globe.

Many people also use these to simply reach to one another and keeping those valued in their lives closer to them.  Online activity also permits you in seeking more individuals who are like-minded and join together with them to discuss various things and how to approach issues of conflicts on the Internet and in real life.  This allows us to organize better, while also debating and trying to reach a consensus among us, as well as to merely have a place in where to freely interact more freely.

When it comes to today, we have so many resources that could taken advantage of, as when it specifically concerns about organization, rather than online activism (though that also).  The reason why I focus more on organization is because it allows us to come as a stronger force than going about it alone, not to mention that these sorts of things also strengthen when these efforts are taken into real life scenario by having instant support and references in where to guide yourself to and discuss your finding, plans, etc.  This gives space for people that might want to join the effort as well, and for to also get suggestions for other approaches that should be considered.

As for when it comes to activism online, it mostly helps currently in getting more allies and recruiting individuals that might lost about in their sexuality, as well as likely to work on those you consider your friends and have interacted with you plenty of times in the past, contrary to the belief that this type of activity’s only goal is to convince Antis.  While the audience should be aimed partially at them, many of those individuals are not willing to open their mind either way, therefore, while you must be up for dealing with them, it must also be recognized that making such a stance would be of help for those who are troubled with themselves, as well as those who are just more curious about us because they have a more reasonable approach toward our community.

Doing these also helps clear misconceptions, eventually, of who we actually are, some might accept it, while others would just have to see it to actually believe it.  Some individuals are just like that when it comes to approaching concepts unknown to them.  Despite of that, we are letting ourselves getting known, little by little, while also providing with some sort of comfort for those who feel alone once they find out that they aren’t really as isolated as they thought.

I really think that the most important thing for us right now is to have multiple places in where to communicate and reach each other.  Supporting ourselves, and approaching lives, preferably those you already know, and show them that MAPs can also be good people and, like with every group of people, there are ethical sides to them.  This doesn’t mean that should limit yourself to but only one type of activism, the more of them you can do, the better, since society cannot avoid of us forever, no matter how much they try to.

Anyways, back to what I initially stated, in order to organize ourselves, we need a lot of platforms in where we can linger and have access to support from ourselves, and additionally from those who are also supportive or open to us.  It will help us in the sense of having even more places than we might already have for expressing our feelings and thoughts.  It will also benefit in that we are at the same spreading ourselves while doing so, and showing sides of ourselves we normally do not show during merely debating, such as how we coup with our attraction in a society that hates us and just our pure inputs about things alone, straight out of the mind, which is something good in many cases for non-MAPs to witness, not to mention to MAPs themselves when dealing with particular insecurities.




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  1. Everyone is calling for that and the text I’m preparing with Hikari is about that as well. It’s nice that you managed to move to your own domain, but there are a few things I dislike. First, the “read more” button on the front page, which appears below the posts’ resumens, does not work.-w- Aaaaand gotta work on your template’s colors.:3 I like your presence, fella. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks for the inputs on these things of the page. I will look into them and fix them. I am also glad to be able to interchange words with you every so often. If you see more things that conflicting your browsing experience on the blog, just let me know. :3

  2. I think you should maintain your original WordPress blog, even if without new posts – WordPress have proven itself to value free speech without restrictions, including pro-intergenerational sexuality one.

    And you also may try your luck on Twitter. For now, it seems to be quite tolerant to pro-paedo and child liberationist views. A lot of MAP activists are already there.

    1. Yeah, I decided I will keep my original WordPress blog. And while WordPress does seem to value freedom of speech, it is also fair to raise that they did ban those white nationalists, therefore those actions are already those of whom are putting limits and/or defining by themselves what freedom of speech is.

      I say this because, while I don’t agree with all the views of white nationalists, I also recognize the right for them to express themselves just as all individuals should. Instead of bashing them, as they chose to bash us after, particularly the Daily Stormer got banned, I put myself in an understanding position to the anger they are manifesting. Even if they, out of anger, decide to spout non-sense about us not getting banned along with them, I know that it is not fair to deprive a group of sharing their views. We of all people should know how that feels, even if we don’t exactly agree with them, as they, inarguably, do not see us fit.

      About Twitter, funny that you mention it now, just when yesterday I decided to make an account for myself. However, I got locked out at the Phone Verification part and exceeded my number of attempts for such thing. I will try to put yet another burner phone for verification purposes and gain access to the account I created, if I’m with luck.

      1. I think that setting your own domain is the right thing to do, the Internet was made for that. In fact, I would do the same, but I’m dumb. I agree wholeheartly with you: anyone should be allowed to express their opinions on things. I don’t like what they preach tho, but hey, don’t like, don’t listen. I could even argue with them and ask how the flip skin color matters to anything. In Brazil, we are educated to not believe in races. In fact, “race” (raça) is a term we save for dogs and other pets. No such thing as “race” among humans, even if there’s a “human race”. We prefer the term “etnia”, but I’m also iffy about using that term, because it’s equivalent to race. I don’t pigeonhole people like that, at all. But still. Freedom of speech. If they banned them, who else will they ban next?

        1. That’s exactly the concern, since it proved that, on pressure, even WordPress can start caring more about keeping their traffic than of supporting freedom of speech to it’s full extent. I am rather open about approaching these terms of racialism though, among other aspects, though I tend to see that they confuse social created issues to those being of biological origins… I just see them interesting, as well as can relate with some of their struggles.

      1. If there was enough pressure, WordPress would ban the pro-paedo blogs as well. However, there is no big firestorm over pro-paedo views. Sure Shane Dawson and Blaire White make their vids, but we are mostly out of the public’s eye.

  3. With “sex offenders”, situation is sometimes worse than censorship – it may be denial of vitally important shelter during a disaster:

    For me, it sounds insane, a willful violation of the most basic ethical principles of human community. During a calamity, all mutual hostilities should be temporarily halted, and all people should cooperate to survive through their ordeal together. Demonstratively depriving people of help and acceptance during such a time is an act of ultimate dehumanisation. It treats “undesirables” not as human beings entitled with moral status but as a kind of dangerous contagion that should be eradicated by any cost.

    It is hard to believe that inhuman attitudes to sexual “deviants”, and wild acts like the one I have mentioned above are not only accepted, but actually approved by modern Western society – which is, in other respects, probably the most humane society in known history.

    Yet, if your sexuality is considered to be transgressive, you are a living exemption from its humane priniciples.

    1. Yes, it is sad that such thing happened. People who are probably concerned for their lives as well, being stopped by these things, as if reducing them to subhumans, and as if they were the only “sinners” in the world. The “undesirables”… Rings a bell.

        1. Ah yeah, somebody shared that with me a couple weeks ago. It really is nice to see people in places of “power” with some common sense for a change.

  4. “activism online” is not a real thing. It does not make change. That is a tool of a coward who does not understand the meaning of activism. Activism involves real sacrifice, protesting, wide-spread media attention, civil disobedience, real life groups (not anonymous) in support of your cause, being a political issue (like gay marriage and abortion), and ads in favor of your cause. What you do is day-dream and post on a blog.

    1. You are entitled to your own opinion, and again, like I replied to you in one of your other comments, you are assuming I only limit myself to posting on a blog. You are also failing to recognize that currently, if pedophiles do organize and go outside, they would probably be shitted upon, if not killed altogether, which in turn it would really serve no purpose, but a needless sacrifice of innocent people’s life. This is something that has to be well thought and takes a lot of patience. I know the feelings you are having, but things do not change from a day to another.

      1. >I only limit myself to posting on a blog.

        You cannot put your face on it!

        >You are also failing to recognize that currently, if pedophiles do organize and go outside, they would probably be shitted upon, if not killed altogether which in turn it would really serve no purpose, but a needless sacrifice of innocent people’s life.

        You think you are too good for bad treatment huh? Women, Black people, and Gay people fought for their rights. Some were arrested, beaten and even killed. But you and other pedophiles are too good for that? You think you will make major changes without major actions?

        1. I never said I think I’m too good for anything, I merely have common sense and know that such kind of activism you propose would not be effective, and trust me, I wish I was incorrect.

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