Sex with 10yo not rape, Finnish court rules in migrant’s case

This news article was posted a few days ago and it caught my attention so I thought I would share it here as well.

Unfortunately, cases like these represented by the media usually lacks the details needed to confirm what actually happened leaving to many of us wondering if the acts in this case were of consensual or non-consented nature, despite of what the title says…  Nonetheless, still somehow interesting though I know it’s not uncommon, except for these cases to seemingly be hitting the mainstream media more often nowadays.

One could perhaps say that sexual puritans are desperate into pushing their agenda and what they conceptualize what, one-sidedly a child is to them and to what they’re limited to act as, despite the evidence and constant situations showing otherwise and dismounting their facade yet getting ignored anyways due to the undeniable taboo surrounding this topic.  I think it just makes it a hindrance for when it comes to approaching cases like these to just mask it under taboo and follow pre-set methodologies that have been criticized for missing otherwise obvious steps that need to be taken in order to find a real solution, for not all of these cases are the same after all, so either assuming it is rape or it is not rape without sufficient proof is futile, such as in this case, not to mention, it is misleading.


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